What do you need?

You know what you need to do.  It's small things.  Things that could really put your company on the map.  It's not that you're doing bad, but you could be doing better.  There has been about 20 opportunities that come over your desk in the last month that could promote your business, but if you ask your office manager to do one more thing, they will probably quit.  And you don't want to hire another full time person.  You just need someone who can help.

My name is Mary Potter, and I am the Go-to-Girl.  With 30 years of combined experience in event management, marketing and administration, I can help with the little things and the big things.  From updating your LinkedIn company page to producing major events, I want to help you get the things done that you need done, but are too busy to get started in.

Click the link below to get started emptying your plate, and concentrate on more important things.  Like where you are going on your much needed vacation..

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